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That's us!

Thera Bytes - Company History

Thera Bytes was founded in 2015 by industry veteran Thorsten Feldmann. With its original vision Turning play into health the company has been involved in a variety of innovation projects. The goal was to achieve real problem solving in the healthcare economy by use of core gaming principles. The results of this era are countless prototypes, many successfully developed client products for different platforms and tons of concepts that got pitched. Over this period, the company expanded from three employees to nearly 17, experiencing both successes and challenges along the way. (2015-2022) 

The development of our debut game Zombie Cure Lab for PC and the release into early access in late 2022 took us three years with a team of five, growing to 13 people. The game idea originated in a 48 hours health game jam. We relased the game for PC including a medical API that trades player-based PC calculations for cancer research into unlockable game content for everyone. With launching our first owned game our eight-year journey in creating health-oriented games concluded, prompting our decision to venture into new territories

Since 2023, our primary focus has been on game development for PC and console platforms. We're dedicated to transforming our original game concepts into gameplay first player experiences. The launch of our latest game developments, Project Yoda and Project Endor, marks the onset of a new era at Thera Bytes. 


Since establishing our office in Munich, we've flourished into a well-rounded team of passionate individuals dedicated to art, design, technology, software development, management, and gaming.

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A charming logo showing a knight and a snake, both appearing happy
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Meet our team 

At Thera Bytes you will find yourself in a family-friendly work environment. We foster a culture of mutual respect and open-mindedness to maintain our collective well-being and creative spirit.

We are also pushing hard to get the best results and create exceptional games for players around the globe.


We are working with a project based role model that puts decision making close to where the action is: Into the hands of our talented people here at Thera Bytes.

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Thorsten Feldmann

CEO & Founder

tinyfied_team (7).jpg

Jens Bolanz

Game Designer

tinyfied_team (29).jpg

Felix Sabelleck

Game Developer & IT

tinyfied_team (4).jpg

Lukas Küstenmacher

3D Artist Generalist


Ronja Brodocz

UI & UX Designer

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Salomon Zwecker

Technical Director

tinyfied_team (26).jpg

Peter Mentz

Game Designer

tinyfied_team (28).jpg

Janosch Kindl

Game Developer

tinyfied_team (1).jpg

Lara Frank

2D Artist Generalist


Felix Schneider

Technical Artist

tinyfied_team (2).jpg

Lea Bormann-Damberg

Lead Artist

tinyfied_team (30).jpg

Sven Schäfer

Game Developer


Laura Marsoner

Game Developer

tinyfied_team (27).jpg

Ivette Schmidt

Game Producer

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Team Mascot

One more round

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer internships?

We are currently not offering short-term internships of just a few weeks.

We sometimes have open job positions for study internships (5-6 months).

Please check our career section. 

I bought your Unity asset Better UI and having trouble. Where can I find support? 

Please refer to the documentation page of Better UI,

or ask the developer in the forum post.

I am having trouble with my game. Where do I go for support?

Please take a look on the respective platform or marketplace you bought our game. Also we usually have big community support for our games.

Please seek help in forums, on Discord or other social media.  

What is Docking Hero?

Docking Hero is a medical API that we developed and integrated into Zombie Cure Lab for PC. You will find more information on this citizen science game program here: 

My company is interested in offering game development services to Thera Bytes. How to move forward? 

We are currently receiving too many cold call emails that cannot be answered any more.

We normally attend bigger game events like Gamescom or GDC.

Please get in touch with us there. 

Keep in touch! Connect with us across our social media channels to join our expedition and be part of the adventure firsthand.

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A charming logo showing a knight and a snake, both appearing happy
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