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Then join us!

Shape the future of gaming

Our team consists of skilled developers, artists, designers, producers, and managers, with certain roles spanning multiple projects. Within Thera Bytes, small teams focus on developing our own IP games.

Additionally, we engage in a second business line: creating games on a contractual basis.

Whether for our in-house projects or contracted game developments, our primary aim is to consistently achieve the highest level of player satisfaction.

We operate within a work environment characterized by exceptionally flat hierarchies. Moreover, we entrust substantial responsibility to each creative lead within specific game teams. This approach empowers each team to exert maximum influence and authority in making pivotal decisions concerning their respective games.

Game development for us represents an ongoing journey of refining techniques, processes, and designs towards continuous improvement.

Twice a year we head into nature or participate in creative workshops where we learn from one another and enjoy fantastic team bonding experiences.

Hop aboard our crew and let the adventure begin!

Open Positions

3D Animator / Character Artist

Unreal Game Developer

Game Developer - Intern

Unity Game Developer

Game QA Tester - Working Student

Speculative Application

Keep in touch! Connect with us across our social media channels to join our expedition and be part of the adventure firsthand.

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A charming logo showing a knight and a snake, both appearing happy
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