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Global Farmer

Farm the world in an immersive top-down management game that lets you choose your farm's location anywhere on the real-world map! Want to experience a rich strawberry harvest in the French countryside? Or challenge the hot sun in South America? The choice is yours!

Choose your location

Based on real-world data from Open Street Maps, you can play anywhere in the world and explore your neighborhood from a farmer's perspective or try to become a successful farmer in all other possible places in the world.

Organize your farm space

Construct storage facilities, parking for your vehicles and paths. Purchase a variety of equipment inspired by real-world agricultural vehicles and implements.

Develop the best crop rotation

Various environmental factors influence the growth and success of crops. Investigate different field values and choose the most effective crop rotation. Watch your income increase by planting the correct crops in the right areas. Manage many different fields in parallel and master the use of crop rotations.

Embrace the regional challenges

Ready for a challenge? Try growing different crops on different continents. Depending on your selected region, the weather and soil conditions like soil texture or pH-value change.

Create and share your own maps

Struggling because you live in an area with little data? Use our level editor and create your own unique maps that you can share with the community on Steam Workshop.

Fulfill Contracts

Perform contract work to increase your revenue by delivering goods. Handle your resources wisely to fulfill orders on time. Take on increasingly challenging contracts and earn more money.​

  • Place your farm anywhere in the world

  • numerous different crops to cultivate

  • Building and expanding your own farm

  • Purchasing a fleet of farm equipment like tractors, harvesters and different implements

  • OSM data and incooperation of real life soil and temperature values

  • Seasonal fluctuations with different effects on the growth of your crops

  • Accepting and fullfilling contracts with local businesses

  • Map editor to modify the existing OSM data

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