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Zombie Cure Lab

Cure, don't kill, the undead hordes in this ironically vibrant sandbox lab builder.

Mindless walkers roam the earth and only a handful of human survivors stand ready in defiance. Help these brave scientists find the cure by putting them to work!

Gather resources like food, wood, and stone to establish a base and research new technologies like freeze rays. Capture zombies at night and attempt to cure them. Success means turning back the doom clock for humanity! Keep your newly treated Humbies (half-human, half-zombie) happy with comfortable quarters and a well-stocked kitchen, to prevent them from succumbing to their flesh-eating instincts…

Unzombie The World!​

Brain munching zombies rule the world. After years of research brave scientists have finally found an antidote that reverses the zombification progress, creating zombie-human hybrids. Find the final cure for humanity and build the perfect zombie curing facility.


​Construct walls and fences to provide shelter for your scientists. Set up efficient production lines to keep the treatment running and match the growing needs of your lab.


Gather resources, set day and night shifts and manage four different worker types. Prioritize and assign jobs within your lab to maximize efficiency. Set up unique defense structures and prepare for the nightly zombie waves that try to conquer your lab.


Explore and unlock tons of new technologies. New upgrades will allow you to harvest high tier materials and build high tech science equipment. New machines and improvements will help you to progress through all four tech tiers to finalize the cure.


Healing zombies is the goal, but first you need to catch these zombies with your fancy freezing guns. Escort your well preserved ice block zombies to the treatment chamber. Here the zombie-human hybrids - the ’humbies’ - will emerge as your new friends willing to help you out. But beware, if a humbie is in a bad mood they might be erratic or even start rampaging through your lab. Keep them happy at all times, cure more to increase your workforce and UNZOMBIE the world.

  • Research and unlock more than 200 technologies

  • Plan and improve your lab layout

  • Build up and sustain a complex lab economy

  • Electrify your lab and regret every blackout

  • Manage four different worker types with day and night shifts

  • Keep your workforce happy or risk dramatic zombie virus outbreaks inside your lab

  • Build up smart defenses to keep angry zombie hordes outside your lab each night

  • Cure - don't kill and become friend with your workforce: the humbies

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